Ever been tempted to sing, but don’t know how?  Or do you just love singing? If so then Katriona’s Sing for Pleasure workshops and courses are for you!

Learning to Sing

It requires focus that allows us to move away from our usual patterns of thinking and lets us join with others in an activity that gives a sense a community and belonging. Group singing can be indescribably uplifting.

You may have a passion for singing or maybe you can’t hold a note – either way all you need is a desire to sing.

Singing Classes and Workshops

Katriona’s Sing for Pleasure workshops and classes are open to adults of all ages. The sessions are friendly and sociable, not only will you improve your vocal skills but also gain confidence. There are courses available for all levels from absolute beginners to those with more experience. Click here for details of Singing Classes & Workshops Katriona is running.


I started my singing journey in a small group of singers of mixed ability. I remember what it’s like to feel shy about singing in front of others. My passion for singing gave me the desire to share the joy of singing with my students. In the words of Ella Fitzgerald – the only thing better than singing is more singing”