In addition to her years of experience as a performing artist, Katriona is also a respected singing teacher and vocal coach. Ten years ago, under the banner of Sing for Pleasure, Katriona began vocal workshops and one-to-one singing lessons. These have become very popular and there are now a variety of classes on offer which cover music genres such as jazz, musical theatre, gospel and pop. Katriona is ideally placed to provide singers with training & performance tips, and to help build confidence. She is able to develop student’s all round singing ability, dealing with every aspect from anxiety & nerves to breath control, posture, phrasing & diction. For more about the range of teaching Katriona provides see Vocal Coach

Take a look at the Singing Classes & Workshops page to see the courses Katriona is running or to book a private lesson.

“I started my singing journey in a small group of singers of mixed ability. I remember what it’s like to feel shy about singing in front of others. It can be so much fun putting voices together and seeing your fellow singers develop. I built up my confidence when I was starting out by trying out my skills at singers nights. I hope that my courses and workshops help my students in the same way”



Do you want an amazing singing coach? Look no further than Katriona. I was a novice singer – and nervous: I need not have worried.  It was a real privilege to have Katriona as my guide: she teaches by example. If you are prepared to invest some effort, the returns are surprising and inspirational.  After one of my lessons, an experienced singer was due to have  vocal coaching i.e. Katriona coaches at all levels. She is a highly trained professional and will coach at the appropriate level. By the way, do go along and listen to one of her jazz Quintet shows: you will have a great evening. Or attend one of Katriona’s singing workshops.  You will have fun.

From Mr A Brind